Apinatur-Vet for animals

Apinatur Vet - bee products for your animal

Apinatur Vet offers bee products for your dog or cat that are completely natural. Propolis collected by bees has antibacterial and antiparasitic properties. Together with other natural ingredients such as almond and jojoba oil, it can be used as a skin and oil for the paw and anus area of your pet. Apinatur Vet bee products are not only available in liquid form but also as a powder for oral use. If you are looking for products that support your pet's organism in an absolutely natural way, you will certainly find what you are looking for here. Propolis can even be used for insect bites. Whether small or large, whether pedigree cat or mixed breed - the Apinatur Vet product range is also suitable for your dog and cat. (Please be careful with allergies to bee products or in case of acute illness. Consultation with a veterinarian or animal health practitioner is recommended in these cases)

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