Cosmetics and care

Quality from nature that gently pampers your skin. Find the best from nature in this category for your healthy, well-groomed appearance. Rich ingredients make the care products in this category a first-class pampering program for skin, hair and nails. Milk and honey provide your skin with nutrients that make it look velvety soft and healthy. Honey soap lovingly cleanses and protects against harmful environmental influences. High-quality royal jelly contains a particularly high level of nutrients and gives your skin elasticity and resilience. In the beehive royal jelly serves as food for queen bees. For the queen in you, you receive royal jelly products with selected ingredients. Beeswax not only protects bee larvae, but also keeps natural leather soft and durable with our leather balm with beeswax. Natural propolis is the all-rounder in cosmetic skin care and gives you a fresh appearance. Propolis provides reliable protection even for small wounds.

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